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Post run selfieThis is what I look like after a run. I do not look my best.

You’d think with all that effort displayed in my puffy red face I would have beaten a personal best. Nope. Just a mediocre time along with all that seemingly endless hard work and pain.

I run regularly, but I am slow. I’m just not built for speed: I am short and enjoy too much wine and delicious meals making me less lithe than I could be. I am embarrassed I am slow. I beat myself up and am annoyed with myself when I hear how much faster my friends are.


Post run Cooper

This is what Cooper looks like after a run. LIKE A MODEL.

Cooper likes to run. Yet he is not built for running either: he has short little beagle legs and he loves to eat and eat making his torso a little chunky.

One day I watched him running after Charlie the greyhound. Initially, I felt a little sorry for him because he would never catch up with Charlie. But then… I realised that that didn’t really seem to be the point of his running. He runs because he likes running. That’s it.

As I watch him more closely he teaches me life lesson after life lesson and they are little gems of wisdom which I hope to share with you all.

What can you learn from your dog?


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Contact Cooper at cooper@thebarklifeway.com and we will read the email to him and send you a video of his response.