It’s okay to say no

Cooper begins to get a little tense as it nears the end of the presents being unwrapped from under the Christmas tree. He has been enjoying helping open them, and had a few things to eat, but he knows what’s coming. His owners think it’s VERY FUNNY INDEED to buy him a Christmas outfit for him to wear each year.

It's okay to say no

It isn’t funny.

The present will come out, held towards him with smirks and chuckles. They will have to unwrap it themselves as he’s certainly not helping them with this one. They caught him the first year, he thought it might be something nice. The second year he realised halfway through unwrapping what had traumatised him from the year before. The third year he kept an eye on escape routes and rushed for the door as soon as he got a whiff of their torturous plan. This year he has been sealed into the lounge.

But that doesn’t mean he has to like it.

Out it comes from its tissue paper enclosure. They are laughing. He is not (not that he could anyway: frankly a ridiculous way to express oneself). And – oh look – it’s a fluffy santa hat with bells, foam antlers and a girly ribbon to tie under his chin. NO. WAY.

What an abomination. How dare they make him look ridiculous; he has a certain gravitas to uphold and this won’t do. He can’t physically escape, but he can tell them that this isn’t acceptable. He turns his back and barks NO.

What can you learn from your dog?

Christmas is a funny time of year. For some it’s filled with joy and present-buying for loved ones. For others… well some of us don’t have that perfect Hollywood film family. Your dog has a line that he doesn’t want you to cross. What’s yours? How far are you prepared to let the annual family teasing go? Is it okay for your Grandmother to make jokey comments about your weight? Is it okay for your Sister to bring up that event, yet again, of which you’re not exactly proud?

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to decide not to take those offhand remarks and ‘jokes’. It’s okay to tell them where your line is that you don’t want crossed.

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